The Game by SirMilkman
Music by Skooka

I fixed the random crashing issue, but i still recommend playing on the windows version if you can! (its still more stable)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsDice, Endless, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, heck, High Score


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I really enjoyed! very cool game, i feel like the difficulty curve could be steeper? like it gets harder too slow, but that's just my opinion, also i think the jump is a bit floaty

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So you removed this game from GMTKjam?

What a pity that this bug hadn't been fixed during the jam, absolutely, if that is, this game will be my favorite game in GMTKjam.

This game brings to me just like Nuclear Throne high loop, the enemy's number are so many, and the player could cause big range danmage to them, that's feeling is so nice. And the music is so cool!!

Thanks for the game, SirMilkman and Skooka.


aw thank you so much for the kind review :)

i'll pass your thanks onto skooka

also i miiight have an update in the works that adds a bunch more levels and a few more enemies so stay tuned :))

10/10 game! Im glad you fixed the crash bug. (btw would be 11/10 if it had wasd support)

That was a h*ck of a f*ucking fun game I love it, nicely done!!!

did you play it after the update or did it crash on you? i literally just updated it lol

Oh really?? Haha I didn't get a crash so I must've just barely played it in time!

Hey well done! Unfortunately broke on the third level, but I'd keep playing! 

Please let me know when you update it!

Loved the gameplay. Very nice visuals.  Great job. Would really like to try the version that doesn't break after the third level.

nice one!!!

Wow! Love the gameplay and the music and the graphics and the music :)

had to deal with sticky keys popup showing a few times because of how often i was pressing shift, but the polish is really nice :3

Blackscreened after few levels few times.
Nonetheless this is really fun to play yo! Actually good job! <3

Amazing feedback on everything, game feel is on point and the game is great! Congratulations!

Funky game my bro

This game has great art, great style, and wonderful sounds! I think the only area where it gets a little DICEY (pun intended) is in some of the small platforms. I think they make the play area feel too cramped and take away from the ability to do sick attacks as easily.


Great art style, lovely music and sounds. Good execution on the concept too! I like whatya did!

I Really like that art style

Sweet transitions man 

Black screen after picking up +3 health.  Very good concept,  movement feels great. 

ugh I’m sorry about that. I spent 3 hours trying to fix that ;-; I think it’s an engine bug 

Got black screen after picking the 'less enemies'. This game is epic by the way!

aw I’m sorry about that. It shouldn’t happen in the windows version if you can download it