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A Windowbending



Puzzle Game.

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Windowslide WIN.zip 2 MB


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I don't think the game works well with  1366 by 768 resolution displays. i think im supposed to be seeing more than the window can allow

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you can still beat it! it just goes off sometimes, but you can still beat the level!

no like it gets off the screen that it's litteraly unclickable, like 2 tiles off the screen

Very unique game! I love the meta idea of using the actual game window as a puzzle element, I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff. Very quick to pickup and not too difficult to solve. Very glad Itch kept telling me to play it!

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for playing this! You have no idea how much this means lol
I loved seeing you play my puzzles it was super cool seeing someone who wasn't a playtester play it. really surreal

also itch is recommending my game what

what is this¿

Good question

I have no idea what I was expecting.  I don't think it was this?  But that just meant I was very, very pleasantly surprised!  This was really cool.